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Naperville Turkey Trot 2010

We ran the Turkey Trot in Naperville on Thanksgiving day. First time ever for any of us running a 5K. No training, no working out prior. Just get up at 7am and run. It was a little cold and wet, but wasn’t raining when we ran. I couldn’t believe how great the boys did. It just seemed so effortless for them, especially when afterwords they said it wasn’t that hard. I’d love to see them actually push themselves the whole race! Out of 105 kids in the 1-9 age group, Braden was 18th, Logan was 24th and Jake was 25th. There were 7000 people running total.


Braden 29:27
Bob 30:22
Logan 30:23
Jake 30:32
Tasha 30:32


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Most of you who know us have heard of the horrific experience we had with mold in our house and the arbitration settlement with Town and Country Homes where the arbitrating judge ruled that the mold (which covered half of the floor joists in our basement) was caused by faulty construction, but that because Town and Country’s warranty document didn’t explicitly cover mold, T&C was not liable for covering the cleanup costs, leaving us with a clean up bill in the neighborhood of $18,000. I hope everyone reads that part – they caused it, but we paid for it literally. Yes, I’m still bitter.

The furnace was the next thing we had to deal with. Within 2 years our furnace motor went kaput. I replaced it myself voiding any warranty on the motor, but saving myself around $200 in labor and it’s worked fine since. My neighbor who is a plumber took the motor and blasted it with an air compressor, and you should have seen the small chunchs of drywall and all the dust that came out.  This appeared to be another casualty of the construction process.

Recently, however, every time the fan runs, there’s extremely loud noise coming from the motor/squirrel cage assembly that sounds like grinding metal. It’s loud enough where we have to turn the volume up on the tv another 10dB. Very annoying. So today I decided to take it apart again and see if I could find what was making all the noise. Thought it might be something loose, metal on metal vibrating or something. After pulling the squirrel cage out and tightening the screws that hold the motor to the casing, I tested it. Here’s where the fun starts…remember, I manage software developers. I can do some handy work, but am no professional. In order to get the cage out, I had to unhook the capacitor that gets the fan past the low gear torque. After pulling off the wires, I forgot them and let them hang resting on the cage…which is all metal. I flipped on the power switch and hit the door switch (that stops the furnace when the bottom door is off). Right hand holding the cage. Left hand on the metal furnace casing. As the motor started to spin, a large amount of voltage proceeded to pass from the capacitor wires into the cage, into one hand, through my chest, and out the other hand. This wasn’t a real pleasant experience as you can imagine. I let out a bit of a yell and was thrown backwards luckily so that was disconnected from the circuit.  In the process of getting electrocuted, the combination of the way my right arm was extended and the forcible contraction of every muscle located between my two hands caused my right shoulder to sublux. This happened many times when I played football in high school and college, so I’m familiar with it. Looking back on it, I would have loved to have been video taping it. Knowing I’m not seriously injured, I bet it looked hilarious.

I ended up tinkering with it for a while longer after recovering my wits, but couldn’t figure out the cause of the noise. At this point, I’ve conceded to calling a professional and letting them to their job. At some point, the money saved doing something yourself isn’t worth the risk, trouble, and frustration of trying to do it yourself.

After getting the furnace fixed (the fan blower was trashed) I had pain in my shoulder for s out 2 weeks before I decided to go see the doctor.  Usually the pain goes away the next day.  Turns out the the way my shoulder was wrenched caused a mild sprain.  It’ not bad enough for an x-ray, but the doctor figures I probably tore some muscle fibers.  He prescribed advil and rotator cuff exercises.  Sometimes it’s best to just let the pros do the jobs that they’re paid to do.

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Thank you and good luck to everyone who participated in the breast cancer fund raiser.

<UPDATE 1/30/2007> ALL SQUARES HAVE BEEN PURCHASED!! The sheet has not yet been updated with all the names however, so if you see a bunch of empty squares don’t worry!

Your numbers will be available Wednesday 1/31 at midnight.

Click here for Superbowl Squares Number #1

Click here for Superbowl Squares Number #2 


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2007 Resolutions: To be more positive. Establish a healthy work-life balance.

Some Goals for 2007: Enter the blogosphere (starting with this blog), finish in the top 3 of my division in FFL ’07, finish Resident Evil IV, and read 1 new book every 3 months average (books on cd during the commute to work do count), leave 2007 healthier than we’re starting it.

December 31, 2006 – We managed to get out of the house and enjoy 2 parties new year’s eve. The first was a pajama party at the Drobniks. Tasha and I were still in recovery mode from the flu last week and neither of us was able to eat much of anything. I forced down a bottled water and that was about all I could manage. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves in the basement, though when I went down to check on them, they were all sitting on the couch vegging out while the rest of the kids were playing football. It was weird to see 3 six-year-old boys just sitting there watching the other kids.

Next we headed over to the Eggenbergers for our traditional gathering. It was much more low key than in years past since everyone has small children now and I guess we’re all getting older, which was fine for me since I couldn’t eat or drink anything. Still, it was fun to hang out for a while. Braden got a little clingy around 11pm and felt like he had a fever. Tasha took him home and sure enough he was just under 100. Logan and Jake somehow made it to midnight and as soon as the toasting was done, we headed home.

January 1, 2007 – Logan and Braden both woke up with fevers. By the end of the day Logan also broke out into his first case of pink eye.

January 2, 2007 – The doctor confirms Logan has conjunctivitis and that Braden’s ear tubes aren’t working anymore and fluid is building up, which is why he’s been complaining of ear pain. On the bright side, Jake seems to be healthy.

January 3, 2007 – Braden woke up at 6am with a coughing fit. He coughed himself into getting sick. We’re starting out the year on a real downer here. Maybe we should have eaten some cabbage?

January 5, 2007 – Lo and behold, I have now acquired a sore throat.

January 6, 2007 – Braden has woken up around 6am 3 mornings in a row now, and because I am such a light sleeper, I am always the first to attend it. I find it amazing how losing that last hour of sleep can have such a devastating impact to your energy level for the rest of the day. Having triplets is truly a blessing but the sharing of germs is something I could do without! My sore throat continues.

January 7, 2007 – I didn’t get much sleep. My throat felt like it was on fire, which seems to always be the case at night. During the day it’s tolerable, but night time just sucks. This evening Jake also joined the sore thoat/headache/fever club and Braden told us he can’t hear. It’s either the tubes coming out or the fluid build-up. Either way, probably not a good thing. On the bright side, the boys had a great basketball practive/game today. This was the second game we won by more than 10 points, which is the highest point differential they will allow on the scoreboard.

January 9, 2007 – I went to the doctor today.  Still a bad sore throat and my voice is starting to diminish.  I got a 3 dose prescription for Zpak.  Take 1 pill a day for 3 days, and it stays in your body for 10.  Woo hoo!  About 2 hours after taking my first dose, I started feeling the only side effect I ended up getting.  It was a strange stomach sensation , not quite nausea, not really cramping, but an uncomfortable almost burning feeling that came and went for about 45 minutes, then it went away.  Not too bad all in all.

January 10, 2007 – Jake’s got pink eye(s).  I have no voice.  Things couldn’t be better.  It’s so great that I’m being more positive this year, otherwise this would completely suck.

January 11, 2007 – I’ve decided I don’t really care for the zpak side effects.  It’s physically not that bad, but knowing what you’re going to get seems to make it that much worse anticipating the sensations.  My throat is feeling much better and my voice is showing signs of life.  Not bad, except it seems all the pain has been exchanged for a maddening tickle at the base of my throat which is instigating some wicked coughing fits.  Not dry ones either mind you, but the kind where you try to cough as hard as you can to scratch the itch and then end up with a little (or big) gift from your lungs that you can either choose to swallow and think about what you’re adding to your diet, or spit out and completely gross out your family.  Oh yeah, I’m a spitter.

January 12, 2007 – I can talk!   If it weren’t for the having to wait 10 days, I might have a beer to celebrate.  Poker tonight across the street.  I need to win some money tonight to lose at Tim’s all day Bears poker party tomorrow.  Nothing better than poker, free food, free beer, and football…unless it was the Bears playing and you could also drink the free beer.

That’s the last update for this blog entry.  It only took me 2 weeks of the new year to consider this entry and decide that each day really should be it’s own blog entry, not an extension of this one.  Cut me some slack, I’m still new to this.

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